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You are invited to the Great Adventure Lab’s

Girls Get Science evening event

5:30-8:00 pm on Saturday, May 5th, 2018

at Oakland Terrace Elementary School, Maryland.

Please join us. It is absolutely inspiring to see girls laughing and having fun while learning about science and engineering from women scientists and engineers, in an all-girls environment!

This event features a speaker panel, a chance to meet the speakers and a choice of hands-on science workshops for girls grades K-8th. Workshop choices will include  Lego Engineers, Lego Robotics, Video Game Programming, Mindstorms, 3D Design and Young Engineers. In addition, from 5-6 we will have hands-on demos available for parents and daughters to try and pizza for sale for those of you who missed dinner!

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All workshops will be led by our enthusiastic and talented instructors. You can see their bios here!

Event format. While girls in grades K-8 are participating in hands-on activities, our panel of women scientists and engineers will speak with parents about the experience of being a girl or young woman pursuing a career in science or engineering. 
After the panel, the girls will rejoin their parents and have a chance to meet with our panelists to learn more about what these women do for a living!

Here's a slideshow of a past GGS event.


Our speakers


National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Dr. Veronica Pinnick

Dr. Veronica T. Pinnick works at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, in Greenbelt, MD, where she is in charge of Integration and Testing of the Mars Organic Molecule Analyzer, a mass spectrometer that will ride aboard the European Space Agency's ExoMars rover set to launch in 2020. Her background is instrumentation development specializing in mass spectrometers and vacuum systems.

Dr. Pinnick previously worked verification of command scripts on the Sample Analysis on Mars (SAM) testbed located at Goddard Space Flight Center.  Her current research interests include the development of instrumentation and methodology to sample non-volatile organics in ambient planetary environments.

Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, Texas A&M University,


B.A. Chemistry,  Minot State University

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Molecular and Cell Biologist

Dr. Candice Johnson

Dr. Candice Johnson is a visiting molecular and cell biologist in Biomolecular Measurement Division of NIST.

For her Ph.D., Dr. Johnson focused on host-parasite interactions and the significance of parasitic surface proteins. She looked primarily at a parasite called Trypanoosma Cruzi, which causes Chaga’s disease, endemic in central and South America and on the Center for Disease Control’s priority list for public health action. She also established fluorescent infection screening assays and standardized protocols to help scientists see organelle movement within a cell during cellular infection. She saw that blocking endosomal trafficking could block cellular infection.

Dr. Johnson did a post-doctoral fellowship at the US Food and Drug Administration where she developed a method to study inner ear infections and chronic pulmonary obstructive disease. She discovered that nitric oxide production by bacteria killed the inner ear cells and allowed for infection by other bacteria.

B.S. Chemistry, University of Maryland Eastern Shore


Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences, Meharry Medical College


National Institute of Standards and Technology

Research Chemist


Dr. Jeanita S. Pritchett

As an academic program manager at NIST, Dr. Pritchett mentors and advises college students who intern with the agency.

Dr. Jeanita S. Pritchett is a research scientist who began her tenure at NIST as a post-doc working on a number of forensics projects. Look for her on TV this summer! She will appear on HLN's "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt," a new TV series about high-profile cold cases that were ultimately solved by advances in forensic science.

You might also see her at Montgomery College, where she teaches general chemistry. She does her best to make her classroom a positive learning experience for students who often fear chemistry. Her teaching philosophy is, “Each one, teach one!”

Dr. Pritchett enjoys doing STEM education outreach and demos at local schools and churches as well as abroad in South Africa.  As the recipient of an Embassy Science Fellowship, she had the unique opportunity to work at SciFest Africa, South Africa’s largest science festival, for three months to develop hands-on content for the program as well as training resources for educators.  

B.S., Professional Chemistry from Tennessee State University


PhD., Analytical Chemistry, Illinois at Chicago University Analytical Chemistry

Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry, The University of Illinois at Chicago  


Why are we holding a girls-only science event? 

Studies have shown that as early as second grade, many girls are deciding that math is not for them, which certainly doesn’t bode well for their views on engineering and the sciences!  We hope that by reaching out to girls and their parents through events like these, we can help convince girls in our community that science is for everyone.  


Registration for this event is $35 per parent/daughter pair and $15.00 for each additional participant ($10 extra for additional parent).

 Sign up for 10 or more - and each parent-daughter pair pays just $25.

Mini-workshop choices: 

Lego Engineers and Young Engineers
Lego Engineers and Video Game Programming Jr.

Lego Robotics and Young Engineers
Lego Robotics and Video Game Programming 

Video Game Programming and 3D Design
Video Game Programming and Lego Mindstorms Robotics

Note: you are encouraged to arrive no later than 5:45 pm to check in.

The Great Adventure Lab proudly sponsors Girls Get Science events as part of our ongoing mission to get more children, especially girls, excited about science and engineering at an early age.

We offer after-school enrichment classes and summer camps in LEGO robotics, engineering, computer animation, electronics, crime science … and more! We've taught more than 4,000 kids to write their first programs since we first started serving the DC area in fall of 2010. We currently offer classes in Montgomery, Prince George's and Howard Counties in Maryland; the District; and Fairfax County in VA. If we're not already at your school, invite us!

We support our communities by donating money back to our PTA partners offering at-cost classes to residents of low-income housing projects managed by Montgomery Housing Partnership. We were founded in fall 2010 by a Silver Spring mother of two young children. We have the smartest, most fun instructors in metro DC, and possibly the world!

Our management team is made up of six parents of children ages 3 to 18! We are genuinely passionate about inspiring the next generation to explore science and engineering before someone else convinces them these fields are 'boring.' We believe in FUN first, learning through hands-on activities for every kid, every time, SMALL class sizes, enthusiastic instructors, informative notes home after EACH class; and excellent customer service, whether you are a kid, a parent, or an after-school activity coordinator. We put people before profits. 

For more information about our classes, camps or birthday parties, or to see bios of our instructors, please visit our website at You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube under the name The Great Adventure Lab or @awrobots.
We look forward to seeing you at Girls Get Science!!


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